In 2009, prior to its closure in 2012, The Gnostic Movement released a feature-length documentary on DVD which it had produced in-house titled Secret Quest: A Three Part Series on the Christian Gnostics. This documentary explored the historical beginnings of Gnostic Christianity, and the difference between Gnostic Christianity and what eventually became Christianity as we know it today.

The documentary also delves into the emergence of Gnostic groups throughout time, such as the Cathars and the Knights Templar, and how they faced similar persecution to the persecution faced by the earlier Christian Gnostics. The third episode in the series covers the spiritual exercises that were practiced by modern-day Gnostics, and how they were the same as those which the ancient Gnostics practiced.

Creation of Secret Quest

The series was initially planned as a four-week course on Christian Gnosticism. Belzebuub provided the outline and idea for the series and the videos, and a team in The Gnostic Movement was put together to carry out extra research, to create scripts and soundtracks, and to work on any other aspects of video production. However, upon seeing the results of the videos produced, Belzebuub suggested that rather than being used for a course, they instead be put together into a three-part documentary and released on DVD so as to reach a wider audience.

The series was very well received, with a rank of 9.4/10 on IMDB. Comments include that “the music, lighting, artwork, and pace of the documentary seem to capture the journey and liveliness of Gnosis,” that it was an “amazing resource for finding out about the Gnostics,” and “so much work and research has obviously gone into it.”

The trailer for Secret Quest can be viewed on Vimeo or further down the page, along with all three episodes from the DVD and special feature that accompanied it.