About This Site

This site has been put together as a resource on the author Belzebuub and his work. Belzebuub’s last book was released in 2010, after which he was no longer active in public life.

Belzebuub was the author of multiple courses and seven books. He wrote on a wide variety of spiritual subjects, including self-discovery, astral travel and dreams, and spiritual development. He has never profited from his work.

The Gnostic Movement

After searching for spirituality on and off throughout his early life, Belzebuub came across the Gnostic teachings of Samael Aun Weor and Rabolu in his late twenties in 1990 via a group run by the Universal Christian Gnostic Movement in the UK. He practiced very diligently and quickly became a teacher within the organization, eventually going on to establish study centers in eight cities, as well as running classes in five others across four countries and two continents.

In 1999, he founded a new organization in Australia called The Gnostic Movement. Through this organization, he continued teaching Samael Aun Weor’s and Rabolu’s work, and as well introduced his own via his three popular courses, run both online and in study centers around the globe.

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Books and Courses

In 2000, Belzebuub decided that the Internet would be a great way to reach people with his work worldwide. As such, he and a small team of technical people created the website Mysticweb, and he wrote three complete online courses for it in 2001: one on self-knowledge, one on out-of-body experiences and dreams, and the third on esoteric wisdom. These courses became the most popular of their kind at the time.

The online course material written by Belzebuub would go on to be used as the basis for The Gnostic Movement’s courses in study centers and groups in eighteen different countries worldwide, and was compiled into books and eBooks including one on astral travel and dreams (which became a bestseller), one on self-knowledge, and one on esoteric wisdom.

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